IQ Options offers so much. Besides being the world’s fastest options trading platform and the one which shows a 90% rate of profit on trades, IQ Options presents an interactive web-based education system, a fast cash back time, turbo and binary trading options and a free demo account where traders can practice their trading techniques. An IQ Options review says: “IQ Option’s revolutionary online platform offers simple innovative methods for trading in binary options.”

The Background of IQ Options.

IQ Options is a trading platform that loads in both English and Russian. Russian traders will not need an interpreter on this site. IQ Options is a fairly new options trading platform and though it does load in English, its services are mainly for Russian Traders. IQ Options has won the Most Reliable Binary Options Broker Award, the Most Innovative Binary Options Broker Award and the Best Affiliate Program in the Industry, so it is an options trading platform that has a gathered a lot of well-deserved confidence and respect

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The Unique Features of IQ Options.

The Free Demo Account is the best feature on IQ Options; it’s an unlimited free demo account so there are no restrictions on the amount of practice attempts a trader can perform without having to spend any money at all. The minimum deposit that a trader needs to make is just $10.00. This is really surprising as the minimum deposit is usually $250.00. Such a low minimum deposit allows even the most penniless people to try out the IQ Options software and to emerge no worse off for their efforts. A generous bonus of $1,000 in trading money is being offered to eager traders who open an account right away. A number of educational videos help all traders, whether they are experienced or newbies, to learn many tips and tricks about binary options trading. IQ Option are sharing a lot of their knowledge and expertise, which shows that they are happy to help people to improve their trading skills at no extra cost. IQ Options also hosts tournaments such as the Crazy November Tournament which is running now. IQ Options does not accept commissions from the trader. These commissions are normally taken from a traders profits. This shows an idealistic stance from an options trading company which is very heart-warming to note. As well, it is good to be aware that the reviews of this options trading platform have been overwhelmingly positive and that no reviewer whatsoever has claimed that IQ Options is a scam.

The Mobile App for IQ Options has been released to run on iOS and Android systems. The mobile App is functional, reliable and just as secure as the PC based App.

The IQ Options Platform.

The IQ Options Platform is displayed clearly; one of the educational videos also describes the platform’s layout. After specifying an email address and other personal information, new members must select the type of account they wish to open. The IQ Options’ collective assets are displayed in real time. These are indices, equities, currencies, stocks and commodities. The amount of profit that a member can expect to achieve on a trade is displayed as a percentage. This amount will be added directly to a member’s winnings. The amount of time left until a trade expires is also shown, so that traders can choose the Call or Put options. Under the heading Technical Analysis, certain tools inform an IQ Options member about methods of predicting the likely result of the upcoming trade. Under the Account Management heading near the top right hand corner of the page, members can change account details, and select Payment or Withdrawal options.

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Deposits and Withdrawals on IQ Options.

Deposits and withdrawals are easy on IQ Options. This platform accepts deposits from all around the globe in many international currencies. Approximately 60 financial institutions worldwide act as agents for deposits and withdrawals on IQ Options. Withdrawals are immediate and the IQ Options brokers are very flexible, which makes this trading platform one of the very best. IQ Options reviews show withdrawal speed as 10/10. This is another satisfactory statistic for IQ Options and another factor which help the members of the options trading community to conclude that this platform is without doubt, not a scam.

Beginner Support on IQ Options.

IQ Options has gathered a lot of information for beginner traders in e-books, tutorials and videos. The brokers who work for IQ Options want to help newbie traders and they also sincerely wish to do the best they can for all traders and the options trading community in general. There is plenty of information collected on the IQ Options site for all traders to do some self-education because it is never too late to learn a new strategy – this new strategy might be the one that wins thousands of dollars for members and traders on IQ Options. Some of the strategies that traders can learn are the Piercing Line Strategy, the Three Black Crows Strategy, the Breaking Support/Resistance Lines Strategy, the Alligator Strategy and the RSI Strategy. By offering learning and educative videos and tutorials for beginner traders, IQ Option has proved itself to be a user-friendly platform that has good intentions toward its traders. IQ Options members can earn and learn as well as making a good profit.

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In Conclusion.

Andreas Matsas, CEO of IQ Options attributes the success of his options trading company to the use of the highly accurate Thompson Reuter quotes (these quotes can be tapped into during the whole trading process.), the high degree of security of transactions and the extreme protection against the leakage of any payment details which is provided by Ecommpay and Safecharge. Another safeguard for IQ Options members is CySEC regulation. This means that as a company IQ Options must hold equity capital which is not less than $200,000 and also that the company IQ Options must undergo regular monthly audits to ensure that it is compliant with all EU requirements.

All of these statements from the IQ Options Europe Inc CEO prove over and over again that this company is not a scam and that it is run in a sincere and respectable way. No wonder IQ Options has won so many awards!